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Aestimo Services Ltd. ASL is an independent consulting firm specializing primarily in appraisal and business management reporting. ASL is owned and managed by Gordon I. Hollett. Gordon got his start in the appraisal business in 1997 as a contractual appraiser at DM Consulting and Appraisals Ltd. (DM).

DM was retitled Aestimo Services Ltd. in 2004, Aestimo today provides multi-industry capabilities to clients both domestic and international, primarily as an seasoned appraisal firm with established creditability in business management reporting. Thorough knowledge of equipment from a manufacturing and operational perspective ensures equipment owner confidence in asset knowledge, balanced with corporate confidence in numerical conclusions.

Strategic Management Services have been provided to many clients. Working with banks, investment firms, government agencies, insurance brokers, drilling contractors, private companies, public companies and receivers, services have been provided for:

  • Appraisals specifically designed for Asset Based Loans (ABL), focusing on equipment condition, design popularity, utilization patterns, remarketing potential and global market influences.
  • Appraisals for oilfield equipment contractors with international operations, on-site inspections ranging from Alaska to central Africa for both internal and external reporting purposes.
  • Workout, windup & shutdown services for banks and receivers both in Canada & US, including recovery and protection of fixed assets.
  • All appraisal reports are International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Universal Standards Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant. Gordon is a candidate member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and a member of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG). Gordon is in good standing and adherence with the code of ethics for both ASA and CPPAG.

Both at home and abroad Aestimo offers professional and confidential consulting services to a growing clientele.


The validity of an appraisal is the result of the quality of research performed by the appraisal firm. Aestimo Services Ltd. appraisal reports are particularly valuable because of three things, which characterize our approach, as follows:

  1. No single equation or formula is adequate to measure the individual qualities of equipment. Each situation is approached with an appreciation for its uniqueness, to be judged on its own merits.
  2. The process of appraisal relies heavily on individual judgment; Aestimo Services Ltd. is committed to obtaining all the concrete facts available to make that judgment as precise as possible. Supporting data is gathered, details are checked and verified, and then all the facts are weighted to provide supportable appraisals.
  3. The commitment to excellence sets Aestimo Services Ltd. apart from the ordinary. The factors that make one appraisal better or more accurate than another include the research and documentation upon which the appraiser exercises his judgment, his experience in weighing the facts, and his devotion to accurate details.

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