Aestimo conducted the appraisals with a high level of professionalism and demonstrated comprehensive knowledge not only of the operations but also market realities
Mark Yu

Capital Assets, Ensign Energy Services Inc.

Over the years Nabors has developed a professional and trusting relationship with Aestimo and is looking forward to continuing this in the future,
George Mchardy

Executive Vice President, Nabors Drilling Ltd.

This office regularly utilizes the services of Mr. Hollett in regards to property damage insurance claims involving a variety of specialist oilfield equipment, such as: drilling and service rigs, coiled tubing, snubbing units, and vehicles to name but a few.  Mr. Hollett’s services have proven instrumental in resolving these claims, which in some cases involve many millions of dollars. We would point out that because of his work, Mr. Hollett has become a recognized authority in the provision of oilfield valuation services,
Tracy W. Lloyd

CET Director, LSW & Associates Ltd.

Up against a regulatory deadline, Gord and his team acted fast and efficiently, but with great care to the final result. They delivered a highly accurate appraisal and remained available as needed should any follow-up requests arise. We met Aestimo by accident but our ongoing, multi-year relationship with them is deliberate. They have become our first call in asset valuation. They are professional, diligent in their work and fair in their assessment and read of the marketplace. Aestimo is our true partner during our audit and corporate strategy processes. No matter where the equipment resides, they are quick on their feet to ensure a complete appraisal that stands the test of the most rigid scrutiny.
Steven Gold

CFO, Energold Group

Upon speaking to Gord Hollett at Aestimo Services Ltd we knew they were the correct appraisers for our company. Their experience and knowledge of the equipment and industry was clearly reflected in the accurate and professional report comprised by them. Everyone displayed their area of expertise and were very accommodating to get the appraisal done in a timely manner.
Bill Devlin

President, Stampede Drilling

As a business owner and Senior Executive member within the petroleum and mining industry for the past 20 years, I was thoroughly impressed with the work Aestimo Services Ltd. completed for our company. The appraisal report was not only cost-effective, but also executed in a timely manner. I have the utmost confidence in Aestimo’s professionalism and thoroughly satisfied with their services.

Duncan McPhedran

President & CFO, Big Guns Energy Services